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Verse of The Day 2015-03-08
March 8, 2015|BlogDaily Verses

Verse of The Day 2015-03-08

Verse of The Day 2015-03-08

“From the LORD comes deliverance. May your blessing be on your people.”-Psalm 3:8Thoughts on Today’s Verse…God is The Great Deliverer! That’s his chosen expertise. Whether it was delivering the Israelites through the Red Sea from Pharaoh’s army ages ago, or it is rescuing a sinner from sin and death through Christ today, our God is The Great Deliverer! So let’s use today to repeatedly pray for people who need God’s deliverance from sin, death, disease, family conflict, addiction, financial concerns, Read more […]

So why not just have science give us an objective answer?OK, that probably needs a little explanation for anyone who isn’t Good Will Hunting. Choi’s formula assumes first of all that the same toilet is being used by both males and females throughout the course of the day. If not, why the hell would you be having trouble with this?Now, we’re going to assume that if you’re old enough to read this sentence, you know that both men and women need to sit to poop, but only women need to sit to do Number 1. Finger sprains rank as one of the most common injuries encountered by someone playing basketball, typically resulting when the basketball hits one of the player’s fingers the wrong way. If you suffer a finger sprain, your doctor might prescribe regular taping as a way to help rehabilitate your finger, support and protect it, and keep it from getting injured again when you return to the basketball courts.And that’s bad news, considering there are lots of situations where you don’t have an inanimate object to take it out on. cheap jerseys If a person gets entrenched in the habit of beating the living shit out of an inanimate object every time they get upset, heads are going to roll if they can’t excuse themselves from a meeting to go chokeslam the tank on the break room water cooler.”Just Believe wholesale jerseys in Yourself, and You’ll Succeed!”MURRAY: Marty Leonard owns a neighborhood bar called Lenny’s Tap. He’s wearing a green and gold T shirt with a likeness of Favre in a tri cornered hat with a traitorous logo Benedict Brett. He’s selling another shirt that claims: We’ll never forget you, Brent. Get it? His name is Brett. Leonard will be in the stands at Lambeau Field today. He says Favre’s a big boy and can take the booing.Well, the watch is from an unverified story published on a website known for bullshit, and has never been followed up on in almost a decade. And while the so called “time traveling hipster” might look at odds with his surroundings, all of the stuff that he’s wearing was commercially available at the time, from the cardigan to the sunglasses all the way down to the tiny camera. Because that’s what hipsters do: They dress like your great grandfather. So how could you possibly tell them apart? Though the idea that someone mastered time travel just to go back and ironically witness the opening of a bridge in British Columbia is perhaps the most hipster thing imaginable.The problem wasn’t that King was protesting the Vietnam War that’s hardly a controversial position these days. It’s that he did so before it was cool (yeah, the early popularity of the Vietnam war is something else we’ve revised out of history). at that point, mainstream America cheap jerseys was all about killing communists abroad. The New York Times and Washington Post published articles calling his antiwar words a tragedy. Hell, even the rest of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference thought that opposing the war was a bad idea. By early 1967, King was criticizing the war so vocally that his longtime civil rights ally, President Lyndon B. Johnson, saw it as the ultimate breach of trust and dismissed King as a “.”.
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