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Verse of The Day 2015-03-07
March 7, 2015|BlogDaily Verses

Verse of The Day 2015-03-07

Verse of The Day 2015-03-07

“But whatever was to my profit I now consider loss for the sake of Christ. What is more, I consider everything a loss compared to the surpassing greatness of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord, ….”-Philippians 3:7-8Thoughts on Today’s Verse…Paul had accomplished great things in his spiritual life before he became a Christian. His devotion to God and to the Word of God was legendary. But he counted his past accomplishments as garbage, compared to knowing Christ and the grace he had received. What he Read more […]

SIMON: Is London calling the NFL? The New York Jets and the Miami Dolphins play this weekend cheap jerseys at Wembley Stadium, where men in shorts usually play footee. The game’s expected to be a sellout. The NFL will play three games in London this year. Could London get a team before Los Angeles? We’re joined now by Andrea Kremer, correspondent for HBO’s “Real Sports” on the NFL Network. Andrea, thanks for being with us.The Game of BasketballBasketball is one of the easiest and most inexpensive sports to begin playing. It requires very little cheap jerseys personal equipment other than a basketball. Most parks will provide the court and at some parks you can check out a ball like you would a library book. Basketball also doesn’t require very many players. Basketball is a team sport that can be played with as few as four players (2 on 2).Actually, no. Especially if, like Tyson, you paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to a gentleman answering to “Crocodile,” whose job it was to shout “Guerrilla Warfare!” at pre fight press conferences. Or if you purchase two Bengal tigers that cost $12,000 monthly for care and feeding (Bengal tigers will apparently only eat meat that has been first coated in gold). Once, in Vegas, he bought a batch of six Rolls and distributed them among his friends. He’s had a half million dollar watch emblazoned with pornography.”The RB1 Strategy: Draft Position 1 5 in a 16 Team League (First Round)It should be obvious to anyone who has played fantasy football for any amount of time that cheap jerseys those drafting in positions 1 5 in a 16 team league need to take a running back with their pick. In ESPN’s ranking of the top players, the following comprise the top 5:LeSean McCoyMatt ForteThere is generally a consensus among a majority of “experts” that the top five or six players are running backs. Being that running back is also the position where the drop off between the top tier players and the second tier players is quite significant, not taking one of those top tier players when you have the chance is an error, particularly when your next pick is going to be anywhere from 23 to 31 picks away. You will not have a chance at another stud running back unless you get very lucky and manage to draft a rookie who explodes or somebody who ascends to stud status due to injury.But winning, even if only as consolation, needs no explanation. Momentarily, the Test XI is more permanent than the panel that picked it. Matt Renshaw looks like an opening batsman, which is to say the ball he hits and the ball he misses and they were plentiful this day _ are one and the same to him, finished business, next please. It is the Mark Taylor ethic. But how fickle we followers are. On Thursday evening, Renshaw’s obduracy was a cause of national celebration. On Sunday afternoon, when he was rendered scoreless for 32 balls, he prompted bronx cheers. But it is thankfully doubtful that Renshaw ever will have to excuse himself for a wild waft of a dismissal by saying: “It’s the way I play.”
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