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My unexpected motivational speaker
November 23, 2014|Stories

My unexpected motivational speaker

My unexpected motivational speaker

A taxi driver taught me an unforgettable lesson in customer service and satisfaction. I realized that motivational speakers charge hundreds of dollars to share this kind of lessons to corporate staffs. However, it only costs me a $10 cab ride.

I had a business trip to Dallas that time so my plan included a fast trip to and from the airport. A neat white cab pulled up and the taxi driver rushed to open the passenger’s door for me. He also see to it that I was comfortably seated before he gently Read more […]

hayne fires up to book place in final squadWhat unwanted statistic shares the Lions and Bills? Neither has made it to the playoffs in eleven seasons, and Buffalo’s victory over the Patriots on week 3 certainly gives some hope to players with a long history with either team, including Bills linebacker Chris Kelsay, who has spent nine seasons with the team, “We played these guys 17 times and only won one until today. It’s awesome.” He said. But wholesale nfl jerseys now the two franchises also share an important statistic, a positive one, as both as 3 0 and are part of a selected group of only 4 teams which are still undefeated this season. Whether either can make it to the playoffs is still early to say, but with these 3 first victories, things are looking like they are going their way.Surely you’ve been hassled by those sweaty bike riding missionaries who barely look old enough to shave. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be one of those kids, I can tell you a few things. As a young Mormon man, going on a mission trip isn’t a matter of “if,” but “when.” It serves as sort of a coming of age ritual that bridges the gap between high school and the adult world. Normal kids accomplish this by getting a part time job at Pizza Hut and playing Halo all summer. Mormon kids do it by traveling to exciting new places and bothering the people there. My whole life was preparing me for my mission. At the age of 19, I finally went. This is what I learned:Missionaries intentionally go after people in desperate situations. On my mission, we’d go into the worst parts of town to talk to the meth addicts and crackheads. Sure, they need help and attention more than anybody, but most of my colleagues were wholesale jerseys distinctly upper middle class white Mormons. Short of bursting out into an impromptu rap about how “drugs are for thugs,” there’s no way they could have been more conspicuous.”Eh . why tell him about God? They’ll meet at the next cold snap anyway.”On top of that, 48 per cent of those in the crowds matches are female and around 20 per cent have never been to a sporting event in their lives. Welcome to the brave, new world of sport. Make it fun and they will come. I’m told the Australian Cricket Board are pitching the idea of putting the Big Bash on one of our free to air platforms. 3. Raji DL Green Bay Packers [1 Year $4M] Raji has had a tough go of it the last few years; playing out of position by moving to defensive end has not helped his production. However, sometimes teams need guys to man positions that may not be the best situation for the player, but better for the team as a whole. If the Packers move Raji back to nose tackle, I believe he will regain the form that made him shine during his first couple of years in the league. This kid has a ton of talent and at the end of the day, people with Raji’s size and athleticism are not found on every street corner, or every NFL team for that matter. Remember, the best big nose tackles cheap jerseys in this league can easily play into their mid 30s, so to bring back Raji who will play this season at 28 years old is not a bad decision by the only team he has ever played for.
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