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An unexpected diagnosis from an unexpected “doctor”
The Mindset of an Elephant
Take Control of your life
Fence or Bridge
The Boy with no Left Hand
Praying properly
Which Prayer was heard?
Lesson from the baloons
A Lesson from Dolls
From Robbing to Cleaning Banks
A unique Father- and- Son tandem
The Clever Dog
What do we lose in prayer?
A Young Boy’s Love
The Little Girl in the shore
The Death Convict
The daydreaming beggar
A Boy’s Self-Assessment
Never give up in doing what is right
The Persistent Volunteer
The Generosity of a Vegetable Vendor
The lost contact lens
It depends on whose hands it is
The beautiful lady in a Cadillac
A Lesson from a butterfly
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Inspire Others is an inspirational Blog with the goal is to inspire Others with quotes, stories , pictures ,videos, just simple things that can make big difference in the world. As George R.R Martin states, "A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only once.” This is an opportunity for people to read about different life's experiences and share their own experiences as well.