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Simples act of kindness
November 20, 2013|Videos

Simples act of kindness

Simples act of kindness


This video is about simple acts of kindness, which can do each of us. A boy in a buss let a lady sit down on his place. A young woman has her card expired, but she need money to buy “Huggies”, then a man pays instead of her, she looks amazed at him and can understand nothing. A couple is having lunch in a park, a man comes and sits down on bench, he seems to be hungry and the couple decides to give him one of their lunches. A woman founds in her mail box a card where is written that someone is remembering her in prayer, and 100 dollars it the card. A simple act may bring so much happiness and kindness, it is so easy to do, but it means so much!

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