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What if you could read people mind… Don’t Judge , be nice to people
December 4, 2013|Videos

What if you could read people mind… Don’t Judge , be nice to people

The people around us are so different and all they have hearts full of sorrow. If we could see it. In a simple American clinic there are so many people with their special concerns. An old man comes in on a wheelchair, he has been dreading that appointment and fears he waited too long. A young man walking out thinking of his wife whose surgery went well, now he could rest. There are a woman waiting for a new heart, parents whose son is on life support, a girl visiting her Dad for the last time, divorced nurse, a surgeon that just found our he is going to be a dad, a patient worried how he will pay for his treatment, a patient far from his home, a intern nearing the end of a 12 hour shift, people waiting for the results of the analysis, a woman  who always wanted to have a child of her own, a boy that finally ears all better, a man whose tumor is benign and a man whose tumor is malignant.

If you could stay in someone else’s shoes… hear what they hear, see what they see, feel what they feel, would you treat them differently?

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