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How to be Proactive
July 10, 2014|How to

How to be Proactive

How to be Proactive

Everyone desires to be Pro-Active in life. Being proactive means that you are in control of your life, being proactive means thinking and acting ahead of anticipated events; this means using sagacity. Being pro- active is a great technique for avoiding more work down the road, but it can be tremendously imperative for averting disasters. Having a system of order and forecasting is a great strategy to implement, it helps with studying, and planning at home, even in the workplace, it can make life easier, not just for you, but for  others too.

Here are some suggestions for helping you to become a more proactive person.

  • Self-reflect, look at yourself and ask some questions:

What kinds of responsibilities do or don’t come your way frequently, perhaps, at work, at home, during study.

What kinds of responsibilities come in large groups?

What kinds of responsibilities need devotion when they arrive?

  • Examine critically how you might perform those tasks more efficiently- Before the next rush: Create a plan , process, checklist or routine to accomplish the task. After you have created a plan, recruit and instruct others to assist with an urgent or large task. Then, gather information you will need to perform a task, or if compulsory information comes from a flow of people who bring the tasks, generate a script, checklist, or form to capture it consistently. Furthermore, look for steps in the process to remove, amalgamate, or condense.
  • Try to prevent problems from ever arising – This means tackling possible failings in advance to prevent them from becoming a reality. Get into the custom of taking precautions and developing alternative plans.
  • Develop a mindset that looks to solve problems instead of dwelling on them. Here’s how:
    • Define the problem (what is it exactly?)
    • Decide what needs to happen to overcome the problem and how you’re going to do that; and
    • Get on with it


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