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How to prepare for an exam
April 7, 2014|How to

How to prepare for an exam

How to prepare for an exam

Many students are faced with the dilemma of, “What is the best way I should prepare for an exam?” Follow these tips and you should be well on your way to the road of success.

  1. Give yourself enough time to prepare – don’t procrastinate. Many students have a trend of doing this. “Cramming” should never be your solution in preparing for an exam. Instead of scoring an ‘A’, you might just score an ‘F’. Sometimes when you cram for an exam you suffer from mental constipation. Instead of remembering you forget everything; this is because your brain is tired. Organize a suitable study schedule that will give you adequate time to prepare.

  2. Organize you study area – the place that you choose to study should be well organized. If you are studying in your room, make sure that there is enough light. You won’t want to strain your eyes. Also make sure that you are comfortable whether you are lying on your bed or sitting in a chair. If you are uncomfortable you will tend to get tired quicker. It is also a good idea to get rid of all distractions. Turn off any loud music; turn off the TV or even your cell phone.

  3. Organize study groups with friends – it is said that ‘two heads are better than one!’ when you formulate study groups you are able to share your concepts and ideas. Perhaps you might have a question and someone within the group might have the answer, and vice versa. When you share your thoughts it allows you to develop new theories about concepts.

  4. Snack on “brain food” – not just because you gave been working hard to prepare for an exam means that you will indulge yourself in junk food. Keep away from it! This is because what you eat can impact your level of energy and your ability to focus. Your brain is the most powerful organ in your body, so fuel it with nutritious feeds. Foods that have been proven to help with your ability to remember better are; fish, nuts, yogurt, etc. on the other hand, you may be thinking that sugar seems more appealing, but the fact of the matter is that it won’t help you for long, because of the fact that you are ‘hyper’ you will burn energy faster.

  5.  Practice to drink your 8 glasses a day – because your body is made up of about 70% of water, you would want to drink enough water each day. A well hydrated body is crucial for your brain to work at its best.

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