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Never give up in doing what is right
August 29, 2014|Stories

Never give up in doing what is right

Never give up in doing what is right

Jim grew up in in a broken family. His father is a violent man who would often beat him and his siblings. Naturally, he find solace outside of their home and unfortunately, found it in the company of good-for-nothing men. He started drinking at a tender age of 16 and became alcoholic soon after. When drunk, he often lost self-control and would become very violent. He was sent to prison several times. Sometimes he drank up to three bottles of rum and smoked sixty cigarettes in one day. If he ran out of money, he would drink alcohol used for cleaning windows. He even drank his mother’s cologne. One day, a neighbor told him that he looked like a living corpse so he decided to checked himself into a rehabilitation center. He stayed there for a year and a half, but it really did nothing to improve his lifestyle.

In time, Jim met accepted a Bible study. However, he would sometimes leave a Bible study session just to get a drink. Over time, eight ministers studied with him. Jim eventually realized that he had to change his way of life.

When asked about what helped him to finally get rid of his bad habits, Jim said:
“One day while I am reading the Bible, I stumbled upon a Proverb saying: ‘A righteous may fall up to seven times, and he will still get up.’ I consider this as the turning point in my life.”

After “falling” back to his old lifestyle while studying the Bible with seven ministers, Jim became more determined to improve and to ‘get up’ with the help of the eighth minister. Jim implored God for the needed strength, attended religious meetings, and was finally able to overcome his weaknesses.

The moral of this story can also be summed up by a Bible verse which states:

“Never give up in doing what is right for for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up.” – Galatians 6:9


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