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Mom at 17
April 27, 2014|Post of the DayStories

Mom at 17

Mom at 17

About two or three weeks after prom night I learned that I was pregnant. I told the father of the child but he said that he wanted nothing to do with the child. I was shattered, I was about to go to college, how could I tell my mother, she had such high hopes for me.

I tried to hide my secret but, one day my mom noticed that there was some changes in me. She asked me what the matter was. I could feel my heart racing. I sat beside her, as I was telling her what had happened tears ran down my face. I could see that my mom was both surprised and disappointed. She began to cry.

We began to talk about the future. She asked me what I was going to do about school. I told her that I would go in the night. My mother told me that I was not in this situation alone; though she was disappointed she was very supportive. She told me that she loved me no matter what. She also assured me that she would do whatever she could to help me.

Even though I knew that my mom was there to help me part of me still felt rejected, I was about to be a mother and my child would not have a father figure in its life. Just thinking of it would make me cry. Sometimes I would wish I could go back in time. But whenever my mom would see that my spirit was down she would comfort me and tell me that I was a very special person, and she would remind me that she loved me and would be with me very step of the way throughout the pregnancy and even after the child was born she would still be by my side no matter what.

I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. As I embraced the gift of motherhood I realized that I had a wonderful gift, the baby was part of me. I was to love and care for her. For the first six months or so, my mom would show me what do until I got the hang of things. When the baby was nine months old I attended school at nights, it was hard but I knew that I had to do it to provide the best possible life for my baby. Because of the love and support of my dear mother I was able to finish college; I got a job and saved some money to go to university. I graduated with honors.

Today I am a successful entrepreneur; I am able to support both my child and I. I encourage other teen moms out there, I even give a portion of my profit that I earn to help those single teen moms out there.

Sometimes life is not what we expect, but it is up to us to make a difference in our lives. For where there is a will, there is a way.  This is also an illustration on how the support of our loved ones can help us overcome difficulties, as well as achieving great things

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