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Miracles still happen
May 7, 2014|Thoughts

Miracles still happen

Miracles still happen

My wife was a victim of high blood pressure; it got so bad that when she was seven months pregnant with our first child she had to take an emergency c section surgery; the baby was only about three pounds. Six years later we became pregnant with our second child. Because my wife’s pressure was so high she was unable to carry the child to its full gestation period. She was only six months pregnant when her ordeal began.

One day I came home for lunch, but I was in for a surprise I came home and my wife told me that she felt a sharp pain in her stomach. I immediately rushed her to the hospital. When we arrived at the hospital my wife was already in an unconscious state. Immediately the doctors began to operate but it was not still quick enough, her pressure had gone so high that it killed our son.  Three days had passed and she was still in an unconscious state. She did not know that the baby had died. While the doctors were attending to her they found out that five of her organs had collapsed.

She was diagnosed with Eclampsia, Acute Pancreatitis, Acute Kidney Failure (both kidneys stopped functioning), Acute lung injury and Hellp Syndrome. She was knocking on death’s door. The hospital where she was admitted did not have a Hemodialysis machine and due to her kidney failure she was urgently needed to be placed on one. The Universal hospital had one but there needed to be a $10,000.00 deposit before I could take here there. This was money that the family did not have. A friend of the family generously gave the down payment in order for my wife to be transferred to the hospital.

After being transferred to the Universal hospital, the doctors said that there was barely any life left in the kidneys and it was almost useless to try. Both my wife’s blood and urine had turn black, her lungs had to be pumped out because fluid was being drained there, her body was bloated, and she was about three or four times her normal size. She was placed on life support. I wished so much that I could help my wife, but all I could do was watched her as she desperately fought for her life. Word spread among the church members and immediately they formed a 24 hour prayer chain whereby different groups prayed every hour on the hour. They were praying specifically for my wife’s kidneys to resume its normal function. They continued their prayer until her cure was effective.

She recovered! After a few days her blood and urine returned to its normal color, she regained consciousness and was transferred back to the KHMH hospital for her recuperation. She never saw her little boy only the pictures that the family had taken of him.

The doctors told her that there was definitely divine intervention on her behalf. The doctors told her that they had nothing to do with her recovery; they also told her that she was the first person ever in Belize that had ever survived kidney failure of such severity.

Both my wife and I are grateful that God Almighty stepped in at the right moment. Prayers are truly powerful, just by having faith in God; He is able to do the impossible.

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