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The lost contact lens
May 30, 2014|Stories

The lost contact lens

The lost contact lens

Brenda is mountain climbing with some of her friends when her harness snap and broke plunging her straight to the nearby tree! Thankfully, the  collision isn’t that bad but when she gets back to her feet, she instantly noticed that her  vision is blurred because she lost her contact lens. Now, miles away from home and in an unfamiliar sorrounding, Brenda needs to find her way back to her friends without the aid of her contact lenses. She tried to look for it in the nearby rocks but to no avail. In fears of being lost, she prayed:

“God, I know that you can see everything. Please find my contact lenses and bring it back to me,” she pleaded.

Walking very slowly and carefully, she reached an intersection where she heard someone talking nearby. However, the voices are unfamiliar so she is quite sure that it isn’t her group.

“Hey, miss!” one of the guys shouted.

“Are you looking for your contact lens?”

To her delight, Brenda immediately shouted:

“Yes! Have you found it?”

“Yes,” he said. The guy run to her and gave her the contact lenses.

The mere fact that a small piece of eyewear was found in such a vast territory is astounding enough. But the way that it was found was even more impressive.

“We found 2 ants carrying these on their back,” the  stranger relates.

Brenda couldn’t believe it! She is convinced that her prayers were answered!

We can learn at least 2 lessons in this one of a kind real-life story. First, like Brenda, always trust that God can lead you even in the darkest roads ahead. Second, we can also learn something from the ant. They did not know why God allowed them to carry such heavy and inedible loads. But it sure is for a noble purpose- to help someone find her way home. Like the ants, we may not know why God allows us to carry such a heavy load but ultimately, we know that it is for a greater good.

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one comment

  • Vanessa warlow
    May 30, 2014 at 12:13 pm

    wow this is a wonderful story !!

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