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The Last House
April 4, 2014|Post of the DayStories

The Last House

The Last House

A carpenter, who had been working for his contractor for the past 3 decades, has finally called it quits. He went into his boss’ office and inform him of his decision to retire. His boss, knowing how hardworking and reliable employer he is, was naturally saddened by his decision.

“John,” he appealed. “Can you make one last house for me and after that, you can go as you please.”
Halfheartedly, the old carpenter agreed but did not put much heart into his work like he used to. He used materials with inferior quality and did all the work in rush. All he wanted was to finish this last house and be able to spend a life of leisure with his family.
When he finally finished the house, his boss came to inspect it. To the old carpenter’s surprise, his boss handed him a key.
“John, this is the key to your house,” he said. “This is my gift to you for all your hard work and loyalty all these years.”
Tears flow out of John’s eyes – a mixture of tears of gratitude and regret. Gratitude because of his boss generosity and regret because he did not beautify the house that turns out to be his own.
Each day, we are building a house of our own – namely, our reputation, our own life. If, like the old carpenter, we are not putting our best foot forward, we will regret it later on knowing that each decision will eventually be our own reliability. So, everyday, let us build our lives wisely!
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one comment

  • thomas walfer
    April 6, 2014 at 10:37 pm

    Great Story !!

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