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How to improve your brain
January 31, 2014|How to

How to improve your brain

How to improve your brain

Have you ever wished to have such abilities as a super memory, keenness of observation and quickness? It is impossible to improve the way you think, but you can improve your brain efficiency. Brain is a part of our body which is not used completely, for the simple reason it needs training as well as the whole body. There is some simple advice to make your brain extraordinary:

1. Minimize the time you watch TV. Just realize you do not need it so much, there is nothing in TV that could really improve your life and develop your mind, besides, television dramas are like drugs: you need them more and more, but they do not train you brain, imagination do not work, you mental capacity is not used at all, but the energy anyway is used; so in order to improve your brain you should avoid TV. After two month you will understand that you can live without it.

2. Read more and care about what you read. Read a book if you are bored and listen to music when you are tired, if you read at least a book per week, it will be 52 new books per year, imagine how you will develop in a few years! But chose attentively the literature you are going to read. It is not enough to read, you have to read serious books in order to train your brain and widen your mind; if you really do not know where to start from, begin to read classical literature, it will help you to articulate your thoughts, to enrich your vocabulary and look at the world with more experienced eyes. Do not fear to read the books you think are too difficult try to understand them and do not hesitate to use the dictionary.

3. Physical training. Physical activity positively influence on the quality of learning and tone up the organism. After physical exercises you get energy, you become more active, and you can easily focus on any task.

4. Wake up early and go to sleep early. You will feel much better if falling asleep early; it will contribute to arranging your significant affairs in the morning when the brain is more active, besides it will help you to be more focused all the day.

5. Use your both hands. If you are right-hander try also to use your left hand: write, do some day-to-day work; a left-hander should use more his right hand, it will develop your both brain’s hemispheres.

These methods are very simple and common, but the result is astonishing. Sometimes in order to do something extraordinary you should move very slowly but confidently. Following this advice you will achieve clarity of thought and a good memory. Change your life, develop yourself and you will see the world from another point of view, you will broaden your mind and find everything interesting!!



  • paul
    February 4, 2014 at 12:26 am

    Great advices

  • benson walsh
    February 14, 2014 at 7:01 am

    Interesting article

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