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The cost of an hour of your time
August 25, 2014|Stories

The cost of an hour of your time

The cost of an hour of your time

Once there was a very busy father who rarely spends time with his wife and children. His day revolves around work, business and more work. He even works on weekends and is constantly out of town. One day, as he was about to leave home, he was surprised to see his eldest son awake that early.

“Dad, can I ask you something?” the boy said.

“Sure son, what is that?” replied the Dad without even looking at the boy.

“Dad, how much money do they pay you in an hour?” the young by innocently asked.

His father got a little upset because he thinks that the boy was playing at that early hour of the day.

“Why don’t you go back to bed and sleep instead of asking me this silly questions? It’s still early in the morning,” he said in an obviously annoyed tone.

But the little boy insisted so his dad gave in.

“OK, I make thirty dollars in an hour,” his father said just to get their conversation over with.

“Oh,” the son said sadly before adding: “Dad, can I borrow twenty bucks please?”

Thinking that his son would like to buy new toys, he father shouted at him saying:

“I am not working just for you to buy toys! I have bought you a lot of toys last Christmas. Go back to bed.”

Without saying a word, the little boy went back to bed as instructed.

Before he went to the office though, the dad was able to cool down a bit and approached his son. He thought that his son might need to buy a school project so he gave him 20 dollars. However, he soon found out that the boy already have a few bucks under his pillow. He started counting his money.

“Why do you need more money?” he asked in an angry tone.

His child’s next statement will be an eye-opener for him though:

“It’s because I don’t have enough. I only have ten dollars that I have saved from my allowance. Now that you’ve given me twenty dollars, I already have enough money to buy an hour from your time. I want to spend dinner later with you Dad,” the boy said.

His father suddenly realized all his shortcomings and burst into tears. He embraced his son tightly and promised that he never have to buy his time ever again. He cancelled all his appointments for the day and spent the whole day, not just dinner time, with his family.

The so-called “Quality time” is an excuse for not spending as much time to people who matters most in our lives – our children and spouses. If we love someone, we should delegate enough time for us to be together. After all, time spent with your family is a time well-spent.

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