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How to enjoy your marriage to the fullest
April 17, 2014|FeaturedHow toPost of the Day

How to enjoy your marriage to the fullest

How to enjoy your marriage to the fullest

Marriage is a wonderful gift, a union between a man and a woman. Marriage is the most sublime act of freedom that a person can perform since it involves the total submission of one being to another, freely and without conditions or limitations. Marriage is a relationship great human maturity from both parties.

Take these into consideration:

  • Marriage is a gift of love that is daily built, an act of reciprocal trust. It is a help to walk and mutual support for avoiding and overcoming setbacks. Marriage is a tuning that requires time, perseverance, trust and faithfulness to accomplish. It is a commitment that encompasses reciprocal responsibilities. It is the greatest, most complete unique and lifelong gift that exists. But above all marriage is a divine idea.
  • A successful marriage is one of the most decisive factors for reaching the vital balance. A good marriage can be one of the greatest joys in life and the pivotal factor for making life worthy to be lived.
  • To make a marriage work both parties need to love themselves first, it is impossible to give someone something that you don’t have. Love must be present for a successful marriage. Moreover we will not be able to accept the fact that someone else loves us. We should love our spouse the same way in which we love ourselves.
  • Marriage is a about participating in activities your spouse like to do even if you don’t enjoy doing it, it’s making certain sacrifices, and beating the odds. While the first key to a successful marriage is to love one’s self, the second secret is to love our partner better than our self. This means that we are more willing to satisfy our spouse’s desires than we are to gratify our own. If each partner will imply this principle, most marital problems will disappear. A happy marriage may be compare to a triangle, with Christ as the apex and husband and wife at each corner of the base.
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