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It depends on whose hands it is
May 15, 2014|Stories

It depends on whose hands it is

It depends on whose hands it is

I consider myself as a ‘frustrated-everything.’ It means that I have tried my hands on a lot of things but I can’t seem to succeed.

As my frustrations accumulated, I felt that it is necessary to attend a support group. The most memorable of which was when a speaker, a highly acclaimed author and motivational speaker, ask a series of rethorical questions.

“Why do you think that a basketball in your hands is only 25 dollars worth but in LeBron James’ hands, it is worth millions?” he started asking.

“That was a logical question,” I thought to myself since basketball is one of my frustrations. But before anyone can speak a word, the speaker continued.

“Well, it all depends on who handles the ball, does it?” he said smiling.

“Why is it that a tennis racket is useless in your hands but when handled by Venus Williams, it is worth a championship trophy?”

“You’ve guessed it right,” once again he smilingly said. “It all depends on whose hands it is in.”

“Why can’t we part a mighty see using just a rod, like Moses did?” he asked once more.

By this time, we are getting the gist so, there are murmurings around.

“Yes it is, dear audience. It depends on whose hands is handling the rod.”

“A sling shot in the hands of a baby is just a toy, but in David’s hand, it was a deadly weapon, right? Once again, it depends on whose hands it is.”

“2 fishes and 5 loaves of bread in Jesus’ hands fed thousands of people because….” he purposely paused.

“It depends on whose hands it’s in,” the audience responded.

“Nails in my hands may produce a repaired wooden chair but nails in Jesus’ hands resulted to salvation of the entire world. And why?”

“It depends on whose hands it is in.”

“So,” he concluded,  “whenever you are disappointed because it seems thag yo are unable to do things right, put all of your concerns, all of your worries, all of your fears, hopes, dreams, and your family in God’s hands. Because it all depends on whose hands it is in.”

Upon hearing that, I felt assured that even though I may not succeed in some aspects or areas, in God’s hands, I am perfectly safe and useful. It assured me that He is always there to support and guide me no matter what. Thanks to that inspirational talk that made me realized that no matter what, it all depends on whose hands I am entrusting my future.

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  • Tariq
    May 21, 2014 at 10:43 am

    great Inspiring story

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