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How to cope with a new born baby
May 21, 2014|How toPost of the Day

How to cope with a new born baby

How to cope with a new born baby

As for many first time mothers they are always very frantic, because they want to provide the best possible care for the infant. Being a mother is a blessing, but it is also a great responsibility. Being entrusted with a young child is quite an experience. It is also fun.

Here are some tips that can help all those first time mothers out there:

  1. Look and feel your best– as a first time mother it is very essential to get enough rest. Sleep when the baby sleeps. Work out a schedule with your spouse, so both of you can get adequate rest. Maintain a healthy diet as the infant depends on the mother for proper nourishment. Drink plenty of water each day. Remember, drink five glasses to stay alive, drink eight to feel great, and ten to rejuvenate! Eat fresh fruits daily as it will detox the body of any toxins. Practicing healthy habits will help you to maintain the energy needed to care for the infant.
  2. Implement visiting hours – having a new baby around is great joy beyond measure. Everyone wants to see the baby. It is wise to implement this system in place. Let them know which days will work best and how much time they have to visit the baby. If a family member is sick ask them to stay away until the ailment has cleared up. When the visitor holds the baby be sure to have them wash their hands.
  3. Keep your perspective- In the beginning, it might be a little hectic, the new born days won’t last forever. It times the new mother may feel frustrated, but cherish each moment. A new mother and a new born baby should spend as much time as possible. Bond with your baby and embrace each second, for they are priceless moments. In the blink of an eye your baby will be grown, and you’ll wonder where the time went.
  4. Don’t be afraid to take the new born outside – Exercise and fresh air is great for both mother and child. Take a breather from your schedule, inhale the fresh outdoor air. A little sun bath is good now and then for the baby. At least for five minutes.



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