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How to loose belly fat and gain abs – 6 packs
August 31, 2014|How to

How to loose belly fat and gain abs – 6 packs

How to loose belly fat and gain abs – 6 packs

Stop wasting time and take action, it is time to get a flat stomach. For this it is necessary to follow some tips like the combination of a low calorie diet to practice physical activity or to perform some exercises cladding. But also make sure to avoid some common mistakes …
A flat stomach is certainly the dream of thousands of people. There are many programs for a flat stomach that consist primarily of a diet combined with sport and bodybuilding.

Tips for a flat stomach
Simply put, the tips for a flat stomach are:

  • Make a low-calorie diet;
  • Play sports;
  • Do some abdominal training.

Make a low calorie diet
To get a flat stomach, there is a tendency to think that we go on a diet to lose weight. This is partly true provided to practice sports outside. Regarding diet, it is advisable to have a low calorie diet which aims to limit the intake of calories to a minimum. We all know it is impossible to lose weight know locally, especially in the abdomen. The purpose of the plan is to lose fat while staying healthy. Indeed, if we follow too restrictive and tiring regime, while strengthening exercises performed next and the practice of physical activity will not be possible. That is why we advise you to follow the following guidelines in your plan:

  • Increase the number of meals
  • Increase protein
  • Not to increase carbohydrate
  • Enough to eat
  • Increase the basal metabolic rate

Regarding some low calorie diets, you can trust among other schemes Scarsdale Weight Watchers.

Playing sports
The practice of physical activity is very important when you want to have a flat stomach. The principle of the sport is simple: burn calories. Indeed associated with a diet, practicing a physical activity such as jumping rope, for example refines the silhouette burning calories and reduce cellulite through small patterns which allow to move the tissues. Jumping rope is not the only physical activity you can do. Here are some physical activity ideas:

  • Walk
  • Foot race
  • Cycling
  • aerobics
  • rower
  • aerobics

Abdominal Training
The best weight training exercises for a flat belly to do deep abdominal work including transversus. Indeed, when working the abdominals, we tend to focus  on oblique  and rectus instead.  But if you want a flat stomach, it is important to work out the transversus.

How to get a flat stomach?

For this, you can practice exercises cladding of the lap belt that are particularly effective for the intended purpose and to avoid back pain.

Mistakes not to make
There are two big mistakes not to make if you want to have a flat stomach:

  • Wear a sweat belt
  • To bulk up

As its name suggests, the sweat belt helps sweat, thus removing water from the human body. But this loss of water does nothing to lose fat. However, when you consume water, you will take all the water you lost. Finally, wearing a sweat belt does not have a flat stomach.

Then when doing weight training and we want to have a flat stomach, be careful not to bulk up. Indeed, the fact of working in concentric promotes an increase in the size of muscle fibers, and therefore gives volume. When you are looking for a flat stomach, it is better to work in isometric which has less influence on the volume of muscle and thus achieves the goal we had set.


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