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How to become more patient
January 29, 2014|How to

How to become more patient

How to become more patient

Are you able to be patient? Do you understand the real meaning of this world? Nobody wants to hold his life waiting for better days; once we start working on something we are expecting to obtain the result immediately and we wonder when the result will be visible, if we don’t see the result of the work we quit it remorselessly. Patience is a quality that helps us to achieve our goals remaining calm and clearheaded in difficult or unpleasant situations and to avoid mistakes.

Patience consists of:

1. A skill of being optimistic in any kind of situations and never give up.

2. A skill of ending whatever you have begun.

3. A skill of waiting without annoyance and vexation.

If you have problems with these skills, the following tips may help you:

• Find a little object that would remind you of patience and carry it wherever you are. It may be a keychain, a button and so on. If you feel you lose your temper just touch this object and it will be like your amulet of patience. Eventually you will learn to control your temper, calm down and cope without your “amulet”.

• Try to watch yourself from sidelines. It is a good means to see yourself the reality and to assess properly the situation. Apparently looking at the absurdity of the situation will help you to avoid mistakes and remain calm.

• Sometimes people cannot cope with their first feelings and commit mistakes, later they regret about it. In order to avoid such situations before saying something or answering count to 5; do not hasten and breathe deeply, if it does not work continue counting. It should help you to collect your thoughts.

• Meditation and other relaxation techniques can also help you.

• Try to learn a kind of handcraft that involves patience and perseverance for example knitting or embroidering.

If you want to develop yourself and to live in harmony with yourself, then learn to temper your rush, it is difficult but it is an essential part of the way that leads to self-perfection.



  • vanessa
    February 4, 2014 at 12:30 am

    patience is not my biggest strength. lol good advice

  • amazd
    February 4, 2014 at 12:31 am

    meditation is something i def need to try.

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