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How to become attractive
January 19, 2014|How to

How to become attractive

How to become attractive

Have you ever noticed that people around you don’t accept you as a part of society or consider you unsociable? It could lead to misunderstandings and conflicts, but otherwise you may get on the career ladder and make friends.

1.  Act as you consider it is a correctly. Never be afraid of doing something strange if you consider it is a right choice, especially if somebody’s feelings depend on it. Nothing is more painful than remorse and someone’s wounded feelings.

2. Avoid gossip and superficial judgments. Eleanor Roosevelt said “Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events and small minds discuss people”. Life is too short to spend it chattering and discussing other people instead of living your own life. If you want to be considered a polite and gentle person, don’t speak about someone in a rough manner, no matter how that person is. If you don’t agree with someone’s opinion, talk to him directly, only strong people are able to do it.

3. Support others. If you want to cheer up, make others cheer up. To be happy and free doesn’t mean to be unchained, but to respect  others and let them be themselves. Giving the people around you hope and belief you bring up ideas and dreams in our imperfect world.

4. Regard everything from a positive point of view. Try to think positively and the pessimism will not reach your mind, just think how much you have to do, how many persons need your help and you will have no time to think about your problems.

5. Accept your soleness. If you don’t accept your individuality you will spend your life making failed attempts to be like someone else. Appreciating your originality you appreciate others originality and their different way of life.

6. Do not expect to be the single one who is right. The truth is so many-sided that all people can be right even if affirming different things.  Express your own opinion, but be open to other’s opinion and listen to them with duly consideration and understanding.

7. Be honest and faithful.  These are the main qualities of a good friend. These are the values that will stay forever.

8. Don’t pretend to be polite, friendly or positive, first of all be honest with yourself and with others, sincerity may the conquer the public.

Be faithful to your values, be fair, do utmost to approach your dream, care for your family and friends, treat people with respect and you will attract them!!!


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one comment

  • wahsar
    January 24, 2014 at 10:50 pm

    Interesting advices

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